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Globat.com Launches New Year with Unprecedented TeraByte Package & Service Upgrades

Web hosting provider Globat.com establishes value leader position once again

LOS ANGELES, CA - January 2, 2006 - Los Angeles-based Globat.com, the world-leader in Performance Web Hosting, today announced the launch of two new industry-changing Web hosting packages. While most Web hosting companies offer only up to 100 GB of hosting space, Globat.com's new TeraByte Xtreme and TeraByte XS packages come with 1,000 and 5,000 gigabytes of hosting space, respectively. To meet the demand for traffic-heavy sites, especially video and media-driven Web sites, both packages also include an unprecedented amount of monthly bandwidth for data transfers, with the TeraByte Xtreme offering 1 full terabyte of bandwidth (1,000 GB) and the TeraByte XS allowing for 2 terabytes (2,000 GB) of monthly bandwidth. These packages, which replace Globat.com's previous Web hosting offerings, not only solidifies the company's status as the industry's value leader, it also signifies the first time ever that a Web hosting company has offered such an enormous amount of hosting space and bandwidth.

"The Web hosting industry is changing, and we see more and more people wanting to host video and media on their Web sites," said Ben R. Neumann, President and CEO of Globat.com. "Media files, especially videos, are quite large - they can take up a lot of disk space very quickly. Also, showing them on a Web site requires a great amount of bandwidth. At Globat.com, we're always aware of the changing needs of our customer, and of course, we're one step ahead to make sure their needs are met."

In addition to the enormous allotment of hosting space and bandwidth, each Web hosting package comes with support for QuickTime, RealVideo, and RealAudio streaming along with easy self-publishing of almost any other video format. Another value-added perk for customers of these new packages is the ability to host multiple domains on just one account, thereby taking full advantage of their hefty Web hosting packages. Despite these tremendous increases, the TeraByte Xtreme remains one of the most affordable Web hosting packages available at only $6.95/month.

About Globat, LLC.

Globat, LLC (http://www.globat.com) is one of the most established Web hosting companies in the United States, offering affordable, quality Web hosting solutions to nearly 100,000 customers worldwide. Globat.com founder Ben R. Neumann, a two-time Entrepreneur of the Year award nominee, is a pioneer of the budget Web hosting industry since his start in 1994, when he founded Icom.com, which was later sold in 1998. With its unprecedented combination of low prices, high performance and dedicated 24/7/365 customer service, Globat.com continues to be the frontrunners of the hosting industry. The company is privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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