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Icom.com Founders Are Back In The Game - New Web Hosting Company Launched In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA - December 19, 2001 -- Globat, LLC, a Los Angeles-based web hosting company and application service provider opens its virtual doors today in their downtown data center. The announcement was made today by Globat's CEO Ben R. Neumann.

Neumann, who has been the founder and chief executive of Internet veteran companies such as Internet Communications (icom.com), DomainsAreFree.com or iBoost Technology, Inc., said: 'Globat has been created with the goal in mind to offer the highest quality outsourced hosting solutions and the most aggressive rates available today. With the assistance of our team of old-school web hosting experts, many of which were integral parts of my previous companies, we will shake up the web hosting industry the same way we did in 1996 when we first introduced affordable web hosting to the market'.

Globat powered up its state-of-team art data center with over 1.2 Terabyte fully redundant storage capacities last week to complete the company's five months build-up. Globat offers web hosting and application hosting for commercial, personal and non-profit web sites both locally and globally. By using Globat customers can concentrate on building their business while having peace of mind relying on Globat's infrastructure to run their web site. For more information on Globat and its products visit http://www.globat.com.

Seasoned Senior Management

The Globat founding management team has a unique set of skills in both Internet technology and acquisition strategy. The company's chief executive Ben Neumann previously served as a founder and co-chairman of iBoost Technology, Inc., a Softbank portfolio company as well as founder and CEO of Internet Communications (icom.com), at one time one of the U.S. Top 10 web hosting firms that Neumann grew from a start-up in 1995 until it was sold to Interliant (NASDAQ: INIT) in 1998. Today Icom.com is owned by Interland (NASDAQ: INLD). Neumann is also a founder of or early investor in a number of other Internet-related companies, and a limited partner in Mobius Venture Capital (formerly known as SBVC).

Globat's Chief Strategic Officer Chris Ueland, previously was founding member and CTO of iBoost Technology, Inc. Ueland, a New York native, held various positions as a technical and marketing consultant to several different brand-name web hosting and application service providers (ASPs) including: Interliant, Inc, (Nasdaq: INIT), WebYes, Inc., World Market Watch, Inc. and FluidSoft, Inc.

About Globat, LLC.

Globat, LLC (http://www.globat.com) is one of the most established Web hosting companies in the United States, offering affordable, quality Web hosting solutions to nearly 100,000 customers worldwide. Globat.com founder Ben R. Neumann, a two-time Entrepreneur of the Year award nominee, is a pioneer of the budget Web hosting industry since his start in 1994, when he founded Icom.com, which was later sold in 1998. With its unprecedented combination of low prices, high performance and dedicated 24/7/365 customer service, Globat.com continues to be the frontrunners of the hosting industry. The company is privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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